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About Me

Sandy St-Hilaire

Hello, I'm Sandy, a Miami native and proud University of Miami Spring '22 graduate, holding a Masters in Biomedical Sciences. I am an artist, diver, and STEM enthusiast.

With over 15 years of artistic experience, I bring vitality to my own creations and those of others, transforming imagination into palpable reality. As a diver, I find solace in the depths of the ocean, embracing its beauty as a testament to one of the most creative works of God: our existence.

In my role as a Research Associate at the University of Miami's Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, I delve into groundbreaking studies under the leadership of Dr. Sophia George, exploring cancer genomics and early developmental mechanisms. This role has been incredibly rewarding and has allowed me to grow and visit places such as the Bahamas and Trinidad for the sake of science.

I have had the privilege of having an amazing support system, both personally and professionally. As a newlywed, I value the family system as designed by God. 

For me, life is about pursuing passions, enriching my community, and striving for personal growth. A wise person once said that art is a language and it’s been my way of speaking when words were not enough. Art, science, and diving intertwine seamlessly, each teaching me invaluable lessons about patience, attention to detail, and the wonders of the world. Through my unique blend of interests, I aim to leave a positive legacy, a testament to the aspects that define my essence. 

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