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Black Boy , who taught you is Inspired by Malcom X's speech who taught you . I started with the boy in the center to represent how little room black boys have to be children . He is angry , he may even seem older, but he is a child . In the months and weeks spent painting this. Many events such as the Ahmaud Arbery slaying , The murder of Breyonna Taylor, and the Murder of George Floyd make the piece all too relevant. At the bottom of the piece is Trayvon Martin ( a death the Black commuity still mourns) and George Stinney jr. who is to date the youngest person to ever recieve the electric chair in The United States. Emmit Till is also featured as well as Ahmaud Arbery. This piece was painted to represent pain and to promote love among our Black Boys .

Black Boy, Who taught you ? 48"x60" (Large)

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